Them Vs. Her Official EPK
Them Vs. Her Official EPK


Them vs. Her's full length concept record Swing Sets and Handguns tells a distinct lucid story of a young couple plagued by mental illness and addiction. The Alternative/Indie/Rock duo, native to Long Island, NY, consists of real life couple Sarah Rose (vocals) and Tim Stark (guitar).

The two related to each other by their own struggles and their subsequent recoveries. "Tim's a recovering alcoholic, I'm a recovering bulimic and we've both suffered with depression and suicidal ideation," says Rose, "Those dark years in our lives are ultimately what inspired our songs."

The full band album presents a short story and ten tracks that blend the duo's rock based influences (think Mayday Parade, Tonight Alive, Secondhand Serenade and Dashboard Confessional) in a dynamically-melodic style, guaranteed to capture your heart, imagination and full-attention. With a lyricism resonating from thought-provoking and emotive tales and an intricate and electrifying indie/alternative delivery, Them vs. Her’s sound has been perfectly tailored to tell their story.

The duo's debut release has been well received by critics and fans alike with Punkanormal Activity stating, "The music is superb. It breaks into a concept idea and evolves...the voice of Rose is beautiful. It’s harmonious and colossal, bringing the music together in unison. She delivers it with sheer intensity, marking the world and her music with intention…Songs such as Who I Am and Don’t Let Go are just remarkably cohesive and expertly driven…The guitar work from Stark is infectious and monumental."

"What becomes apparent almost immediately is how closely the music reflects the lyrics and vice versa, as both elements combine to create perfect snapshots of the different stages of the relationship," says Punktastic. "...the songs are so densely layered that breaking the album up and adding a couple of songs to a playlist isn’t the best way to experience what Them vs. Her have to offer...Swing Sets and Handguns is expressive and emotional, and definitely deserving of your time."



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  • "Long Island quintet Them vs. Her are gearing up for the release of their forthcoming album ‘Swing Sets & Handguns,’ a ten-track concept album that delivers an honest and highly accessible story about addiction and personal demons. " - Ground Sounds

  • "A good record is a good record and when it comes to Them vs Her, they have a solid concept album with Swing Sets and Handguns for those who like their rock with a hint of indie pop." - Golden Mixtape

  • "Long Island-natives Them Vs. Her have made serious headway since their 2013 Consume My Thoughts EP. Out is the indie folk that was a hallmark of that period and in is a fiery blend of alt rock that sees the band evolve into a quintet." - PureVolume

  • "Without ever straying from the honest and challenging lyrical content on which the foundations of Them vs Her was built, a more full-bodied and assertive delivery has only enhanced the end-product present on Swing Sets and Handguns." - New Noise Magazine

  • "Check out alternative rockers Them Vs. Her! Take a look at what they listen to while on the road as well how their first show went below! While you’re there check out their new song ‘Headlights’!" - Rotten America


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